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Stay healthy and earn wellness dollars

The CHI 2021 Wellness Program, administered by Virgin Pulse, allows to you to take a health survey, try health coaching, and earn wellness dollars by improving your body mass index (BMI) and or blood pressure to getting a biometric screening through your doctor.

Stay informed with Aetna Personal Health Record  

Your Aetna® Personal Health Record (PHR) is so much more than an online home for your health information. This is because it actually helps you keep on top of your health, constantly checking for ways to improve your care and keeping you informed with health alerts. Now whenever a new alert is added to your PHR, you’ll be notified on your Aetna member website.

How it works

Your PHR lives on your Aetna member website and is powered by our patented CareEngine® technology. It scans the information in your personal health record and compares it to thousands of the latest medical guidelines. If PHR spots potential medical problems, drug interactions or gaps in care (like missed tests or procedures), it’ll send you and your doctor an alert.